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More than two decades ago, in an increasingly complex world, Grandview's founders, Gene M. and Carolyn L Ehlers, envisioned a school with a philosophy resting on two key points. First, there is no singular, one-size-fits-all path to student achievement, and second, to echo John Dewey, "Education is not preparation for life; it is life itself."

Grandview's mission combines timeless ethics with modern thought, and provides a uniquely personalized educational experience for its students that is crafted from research, not trends. The intentional balancing of research-driven best practices, both old and new, sets Grandview apart from large scale institutional models. At Grandview, the student's success is defined by academic excellence, social responsibility and overall wellness.

In celebration of Grandview's 20 year milestone, our community asks you to carry forward the founding vision of our school. Your participation in this anniversary campaign will provide Grandview students of the next decades greater opportunities to serve our collective future.
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